A vacant lot becomes overgrown with tall weeds. Is there a way to make the owner mow the lot?

City ordinance makes it illegal to allow grass or weeds to grow more than eighteen (18) inches tall. (This does not apply to land on which the natural vegetation has not been removed.) Citizens should contact the Code Enforcement division and provide information on the property. An officer will inspect the property and contact the owner of record. The owner is given ten (10) days, upon receipt of the notice or posting, to have the property mowed. However, if the owner of record cannot be located or does not mow the property, a pre-qualified contractor will mow or clean the property at a predetermined cost. The City will invoice the owner of record for the work done, plus administrative costs, and a lien will be placed on the property

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15. A vacant lot becomes overgrown with tall weeds. Is there a way to make the owner mow the lot?
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