Identity Theft Victim Assistance

Review the following guidelines:

  • Alert any financial institutions you do business with to flag your accounts and to inform you of any unusual activity.
  • Contact the DMV to see if another license was issued in your name. If so, request a new license number and fill out the DMV complaint form to start the investigation process.
  • Contact the Social Security Administration's Fraud hotline at 800-269-0271.
  • Contact the three main credit bureaus' Fraud unit to report Identity Theft. Ask to have a "Fraud Alert Victim" statement put in your credit file asking that creditors call you before opening any new accounts::
    • Equifax Fraud Unit: 800-525-6285
    • Experian Fraud Unit: 888-397-3742
    • TransUnion Fraud Unit: 877-IDTHEFT
  • Contact your creditors to inform them of the problem.
  • If fraudulent charges appear on your accounts, call the Consumer Credit Counseling Service at 800-388-2227 for help in clearing false claims from your credit report.
  • Notify the police and file a complaint.
  • To flag your account so that counterfeit checks will be refused, call these check guarantee companies:
    • Telecheck: 800-366-2425
    • International Check Services Company: 800-526-5380